Withdrawing/Cancelling Your VMCAS Application

There is no way to withdraw or delete your VMCAS application over the course of an application cycle. If you no longer wish to continue with your VMCAS application, you can allow it to expire at the end of the cycle or request that it be placed on hold.

On hold is a permanent status, and you will not be able to reactivate your application if you choose to apply at a later date.

Before you submit your application

If your application is NOT yet submitted to your school designations, you may request that it be placed on hold. To place your VMCAS application on hold, e-mail VMCAS Customer Service your full name, VMCAS #ID, and the sentence in the box below. Please note that if you have already paid for your VMCAS application, there are NO REFUNDS should you choose to place your application on hold. Application withdrawal requests must be made in writing. VMCAS cannot accept withdrawal requests via phone.

VMCAS Withdraw Statement:

“I authorize VMCAS to place my application from the 2016–2017 application cycle on hold. Furthermore I understand that none of this information can be reactivated for a succeeding application cycle.”


After you submit your application

Once your application has been submitted, it is already in the possession of your selected CVM programs and cannot be withdrawn via VMCAS. You should contact the programs to which you applied directly to withdraw your application from consideration.