How Veterinary Programs Receive Your Application


NOTE: From the date your application is submitted and paid, your veterinary programs can view your entire application in real time via their online admissions portal. VMCAS does not mail or “release” your applications to your designated programs.

As a result, you may receive communication from the programs you have selected even before your application is complete or verified. The point at which your programs choose to review your materials and how they determine your application is ready for review is completely at their discretion. Please note, however, that “Verified” is the final status for all VMCAS applications.

Via the Admissions Portal, your programs may conduct their entire admissions process, or they may choose to port some or all of your application information into their own student information database. This is entirely dependent on how each program manages its admissions process. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you notify your schools directly if any updates or other information changes need to be made to your application (i.e. contact information) after you are verified. For more information on how your program conducts their application process, you would need to speak with the school directly.

Decisions made by the VMCAS programs regarding your application or messages sent to you by a program do NOT post back to your VMCAS application. Any notifications from your programs will be to you directly via email, phone, or regular mail. However, VMCAS programs often use the email system in the Admissions Portal to send you email notifications.

IMPORTANT: To ensure notifications are received from your veterinary programs, designate and as “safe” sources on your e-mail contact list. This will prevent your inbox from filtering important messages from your programs as SPAM.


The following issues would prevent your application from being visible to your intended veterinary programs:

  • You have not yet e-submitted your application to the school(s)
  • VMCAS has not yet received your payment for the school(s)
  • Your application is in an “Undelivered” status and therefore has not yet been re-delivered to VMCAS
  • Your application is in a “Hold” status in your status menu. You would receive notification from VMCAS at the time the hold was placed.

Applications are placed on hold for several reasons, including:

  • You have created more than one application for the cycle and the duplicates are placed on hold.
  • You have chosen to withdraw your application for the cycle, so it has been placed on hold.
  • Your application has been placed in a “Bad Payment” status following a credit card charge back.


Q: How do I know my programs received my application?

A: All submitted applications are available to your veterinary programs online. Any further inquiries regarding the institutional status of your application should be made directly to the schools to which you are applying.

Q: My programs say they have not received my application. What do I do?

A: From the date you submit your application, your application is available online for your school to view. If your school is having difficulty accessing the application, please instruct them contact their Admissions Portal administrators directly so that we may assist them.

Q: When will I hear from my programs regarding admissions?

A: You may hear from programs at a number of times over the course of their admissions process. The deadline, however, for VMCAS programs with Fall 2017 matriculation to inform applicants of their decisions is April 15th, 2017.