Helpful Hints:

  • List a minimum of three evaluators on your VMCAS application. If you do not list three evaluators, this section will not become complete and you will not be able to submit your application.
  • Remind your evaluators that the deadline to submit references for the application is October 2nd, 2013 at 1 pm Eastern Time. VMCAS recommends that references submit their letters well in advance of this deadline.
  • You can list up to 6 evaluators on your VMCAS application.
  • All references on the VMCAS application system must be submitted via the electronic reference portal. If you have questions about this policy, please contact VMCAS at 617-612-2884.
  • All evaluations submitted to VMCAS are sent to ALL of your designated Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. Thus, they should not make references to specific programs.
  • You can only add evaluators in the Evaluators section of your application. The Evaluations section of the status sidebar will enable you to see the status of your electronic letters, but you will NOT be able to add new evaluators or delete unresponsive ones in the status section.
  • If you choose not to waive your right of access to the evaluation, you still won’t be able to see the evaluation until you are admitted and enrolled into a College of Veterinary Medicine.

Note: Applications can be submitted prior to having completed evaluations. You may e-submit at any time once you complete your application.

How do I add an evaluator to my VMCAS application?

Click on the Add new entrybutton to list your evaluator’s information.

The first question you will need to respond to is the waiver section:



The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) gives applicants the right to access letters of reference written unless they choose to waive their right of inspection and review. Prior to requesting a reference from an evaluator, you are required to indicate whether you wish to waive your rights. VMCAS will release your decision to waive or not waive access to this reference to your evaluator and your designated Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. Schools may interpret references as more honest and candid if you waive your right to see the letters. If you retain access, you may be asked to explain your reasons for your choice during interview(s).

Your waiver decision on the VMCAS application serves the same purpose as a legal signature, and is binding. If you decide to change your waiver decision, you must login to your VMCAS application to edit your selection online. Once your reference’s status has changed to “In Progress”, you cannot make changes to your waiver decision.

Evaluator Information

Evaluator Info

In this section, you will need to report your Evaluator’s Name, Occupation and Institution, Practice or Place of Business.

Evaluator Contact Information

Evaluator Contact Info

Enter your evaluator’s address and daytime telephone number. Input the contact information where your veterinary school will be best able to contact your reference.

Evaluator e-mail address

Evaluator e-mail

Enter your evaluator’s e-mail address here. This is the address to which your request for evaluation will be sent.

As soon as you click on Save, the request e-mail will be automatically sent to your reference. Please confirm with each individual that they are willing to write a letter of reference for you before adding them on your application.

Responsible Applicant Actions

Before You Add an Evaluator on Your VMCAS Application:

  • Confirm the individual is willing to provide a letter of reference on your behalf.
  • Let him/her know to look for an e-mail from noreply@vmcas.org with the subject line “VMCAS Evaluation Request”.
  • Discuss the VMCAS deadline date with your evaluator, and be sure that he/she understands that evaluations MUST be received by Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 1pm Eastern Time.
    • If your evaluator is not located in the Eastern Time zone, use the Deadline Time Zone Chart to help them determine when the deadline is in their local time.

When Entering Your References on Your VMCAS Application:

  • Enter each evaluator with a unique e-mail address, and make sure it is typed in accurately.
  • Once you register an evaluator, you cannot make any additional changes to the evaluator information, Be sure your titles (Dr., Ms., Mr., etc.) and e-mail addresses are correct.
  • Insert the evaluator’s contact information that will be best to reach him/her at.
  • Enter at least three evaluations to enable you to submit your VMCAS application.

After You Add an Evaluator on Your VMCAS Application:

  • Follow up with your evaluator to make sure he/she has received the e-mail containing their login information. Tell the evaluator to check their e-mail’s spam/bulk/junk folders if they do not see the request e-mail in their inbox.
  • Monitor the evaluations section of your VMCAS application. It is your responsibility to follow up with your evaluators and be sure your evaluations are submitted before the deadline date.

What Happens After I Add A Reference To My Application?

1. Your evaluators are sent an e-mail request containing a username, password, and a link to the online VMCAS evaluator portal.

2. Your evaluator will log in, and fill out information on your reference. The VMCAS reference consists of a ratings section as well as a text box where the evaluator can enter their letter of reference. Your evaluator has 3000 characters (approximately a page and a half, double spaced) allotted for their letter, and another 3000 characters to elaborate on any of their selections in the ratings section.

As soon as your reference saves information on the reference portal, the status will change to “In Progress” in your status section.

3. Once your evaluator completes your evaluation, he or she will click on “Submit”. This will make the status change from “In Progress” to “Complete” in your status section. Only completed references can be sent to your CVMs.

Committee Letters

If you wish to submit a committee letter as part of your VMCAS application, please contact VMCAS Customer Support at 617-612-2884 or at vmcasinfo@vmcas.org for instructions.



WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 2013 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time

VMCAS STRONGLY recommends you e-submit your application and have all transcripts and references received by September 1, 2013 in order to allow time for the verification process.

Every year, VMCAS comes across applicants that wait until the last minute to submit their application. Statistics show that most applicants last year applied within the final two weeks of the cycle. NOTE: You should allow 10-15 minutes after hitting the e-submit button to complete the payment portion of the application.

VMCAS and the Veterinary schools recommend that you submit your application to VMCAS EARLY!! Applying before the last two weeks leading up to the deadline will help you avoid any unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays when completing the Web application. This may include: web congestion, internet service provider problems, or credit card challenges. Waiting until the final weeks of the cycle increases the risk of these issues and may prevent you from successfully submitting your application on time. This could cause you to have to wait another year to apply to veterinary school.

VMCAS rarely approves deadline extensions and the appeal process through the Admissions Committee can be quite lengthy. Please note that you can submit your completed application, including your three registered evaluators, to VMCAS prior to your evaluators submitting their eLORs. VMCAS and the Veterinary schools strongly recommend that you take this warning seriously. All time is Eastern Daylight Time and is determined by the clock on the application server. Server time is set by the official atomic clock at www.time.gov. It is your responsibility to meet the application deadline.