VMCAS Deadline

Important Dates to Remember:
  • September 2nd 2014 – Get S.E.T. for verification!
  • October 2nd 2014 1PM Eastern Time - Application and Evaluation Deadline

Q: What is the VMCAS Deadline?

The VMCAS application deadline is October 2nd at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. After this time, you will not be able to submit your VMCAS application to any other participating programs. This is also the deadline by which your letters of reference must be submitted to VMCAS.

Q: What is the get S.E.T. recommendation?

VMCAS STRONGLY recommends that you get S.E.T. for verification by September 2nd!

S.E.T. stands for

Submission – Have your application E-submitted and paid for

Evaluations – Have at least one of your required three completed evaluations

Transcripts – Have all (U.S. and English Speaking Canadian) transcripts posted to your application

Because verification can take as many as four weeks, if you are S.E.T. by September 2nd your application has the best chance of being verified before the October 2nd deadline!

Q: What happens if my materials are not received at VMCAS by October 2nd?

VMCAS will not process any materials received after October 2nd.