Re-Applying to VMCAS

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Q: If I applied last year, do I have to start a new VMCAS Web application account

A: NO. All applicants who began an application during our previous application cycle are eligible to have their application information imported to the new cycle. If you wish to do so, please click the large blue “Reapplying to VMCAS?” button on the login page to proceed with creating a re-applicant account. DO NOT CLICK “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” ON THE HOME PAGE.

Letters of recommendation, payments, and transcripts. must be resubmitted for your reapplication. Be sure to send materials to the appropriate location. Remember to request that all transcripts be sent to VMCAS, and all test scores be sent directly to each college/colleges to which you are applying.

 Q: Can I get a copy of my VMCAS application from last year?

A:Unfortunately, the last date to access a VMCAS application from the 2013-2014 application cycle was March 18, 2014. Applications from previous cycles can no longer be accessed.

Q: Can any of my information be carried over?

A: Most of the information you entered in your previous application has been automatically carried over to your new account. When you first arrive at the home page of your application, however, none of the sections will appear as completed. To see your imported information and complete these sections, please review each section of the application and be sure to update or correct the information as necessary. Once you are satisfied with the information as entered, you must then press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to confirm the entry. Until you have done so for all required sections of the application, they will not be marked as completed and you will therefore not be able to submit your application. It is an applicant’s responsibility to review all imported information and ensure it is complete and accurate.