Questions About Standardized Tests

Helpful Hints:

  • Send your official test scores directly to your designated veterinary medical programs, not to VMCAS.
  • Check the requirements of your intended designations, and make sure you abide by their deadline requirements.  Some deadlines are before the VMCAS application deadline date, so find out what you need now!

Q: How do I request that my standardized test scores be sent to the VMCAS colleges?

A: When you take any standardized test required for admission, you will be asked to designate where you wish to have the scores sent. Please request that all test scores be sent directly to the veterinary colleges. If applying to multiple colleges, request that your scores be sent by the earliest deadline date set by the college(s).

Q: Can I use a past VCAT score?

A: The Psychological Corporation used to administer the VCAT, but that test is no longer available.