Evaluations and eLORs

Helpful Hints

  • The deadline for submitting letters of reference is October 2nd, 2014 at 1pm Eastern Time. No references can be accepted after 1pm on October 2nd, 2014.
  • Check to be sure an individual is willing to provide a reference for you before entering them on the application. As soon as you save their information, an e-mail request is automatically sent to them.
  • All references must be submitted through the online reference portal. They should not be e-mailed to VMCAS.
  • If your references have questions, encourage them to contact VMCAS directly- we would be happy to help them use our reference portal!
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Q: Can VMCAS provide me with copies of my evaluations?

A: No. VMCAS does not provide copies of evaluations, even if you chose not to waive your right of access. If you did not waive your right, you can ask your evaluator or ask your CVM once you have matriculated.

Q: Can I use evaluations from previous years?

A: VMCAS will accept evaluations from previous years only if your evaluator completes the electronic reference form once again.

Q: Can I submit more than three eLORs?

A: YES. You can enter a maximum of six in the eLOR section. Be aware that every evaluation submitted will be sent to each college you designate. For example, if you send VMCAS five evaluations and you are applying to six schools, all six schools will receive copies of all five evaluations.

Q: Do I have to use eLOR?


Q: I have changed my mind about which evaluators I want on my application. May I change them?

A:  The answer depends on the status of the reference.

  • If your reference’s status is “In Progress” or  “Completed”, it cannot be deleted from your VMCAS application
  • If your reference has not yet begun working on your reference or has denied your request for a letter of reference, you can delete their entries from the application and enter another reference.

Q; My reference is “In Progress”. What does that mean?

Your reference has saved some information on your reference, but has not yet submitted your letter of reference. Only submitted references can be sent to your programs.

Q: How can I find out what type of references my schools require?

A: There are a number of resources available on the AAVMC website. Click here for an evaluation requirement chart, or check the school descriptor page.

NOTE: VMCAS will not check to be sure you have sent the type of references required by your schools. It is your responsibility to learn the requirements of your schools and acquire the necessary references.

Q: Please explain how eLOR works.

A: The eLOR process starts in the Evaluators section of your Application Checklist. You must enter at least three evaluators, but you may add up to six.

  1. Click on “Add New Entry” in the References section of the application checklist.
  2. Fill in your reference’s contact information. Make sure the information is  correct before saving this information.
  3. Once you click “save” an automated e-mail request is sent to the e-mail address you listed for the reference.  Let your reference know to watch for an e-mail from noreply@vmcas.org with the subject “VMCAS Evaluation Request”
    • You will also receive a confirmation e-mail once your request has been sent.
  4. Your evaluator logs on to the secure VMCAS reference portal, using the login information in the request e-mail and begins filling out information-the status changes to “In Progress” in the status section.
  5. Your reference submits the reference- the status changes to “Completed” in the status section.

Q: What do I do if my evaluator did not receive the e-mail?

A: Some email filters may interpret VMCAS emails as “spam” and automatically delete or route them to a “junk” or “spam” folder. Make sure your evaluator knows in advance that they will receive the eLOR e-mail, and ask them to check all spam and junk email file folders or provide you with an alternate email address. Remember, it is your responsibility to see that your evaluator receives and completes your evaluation materials before the deadline.

Q: What are composite and committee evaluation letters?

A: VMCAS defines a committee evaluation letter as a single evaluation letter signed by multiple evaluators. This counts as only one evaluation. VMCAS defines a composite evaluation letter as multiple letters individually signed and grouped together.

Q: Can I submit an electronic committee letter?

A: Yes. Simply enter your committee chairperson as your reference in the reference section. The chairperson can then use the upload feature in the electronic reference to upload your committee letter.