Applicant Responsibilities

VMCAS Applicants will

  • the application procedures and admission prerequisites of each designated veterinary medical program;
  • their local time equivalent for the VMCAS submission deadline 1pm Eastern Time October 2nd, 2014;
Arrange for
  • official transcripts from all U.S. and English-speaking Canadian postsecondary institutions attended to arrive at the VMCAS;
  • their Registrar’s office to enclose the Transcript Request Form with all  official U.S. transcripts  sent to VMCAS;
  • VMCAS to receive a course-by-course Foreign Transcript Evaluation Report for all international (including French-speaking Canadian) institutions attended, if required by the applicant’s designated veterinary medical programs;
  • up to six (6) letters of reference (“recommendation” or “evaluations”) to be submitted to VMCAS using the electronic reference portal;
Communicate to VMCAS
  • ALL required information on the VMCAS application accurately and in a timely manner;
  • immediate responses to ALL notices and questions received from VMCAS  (Applicants are responsible for checking their personal email and VMCAS messages for these important notices and questions!);
  • any change in contact information before the close of the application cycle by amending the appropriate fields in the Address Information section;
Communicate to their designated veterinary schools
  • ALL required information on any supplemental applications, if required by the designated veterinary medical schools, accurately and in a timely manner;
  • Immediate responses to ALL notices and questions received from each program to which they apply;
  • Respond promptly to programs, either to accept or to decline interview invitations and offers of admission;
  • Any change in contact information after the close of the application cycle;
  • Questions about admission decisions, school-specific admissions criteria, and other program-specific information;
  • they have the ability and responsibility to check the application status online by logging onto the VMCAS web application;
  • the VMCAS deadline date is October 2nd, 2014 at 1 PM Eastern Time;
  • they are at a great disadvantage in the admissions process if their application is not verified by the October 2nd deadline;
  • the VMCAS verification process can take up to 4 weeks from the date their application becomes complete;
  • that all sections should be proofread before e-submission, as only contact information can be changed once the application has been submitted;
Log off
  • their VMCAS web application after the completion of each entry or review session to protect against unauthorized access of application information submitted to VMCAS.
  • a copy of the completed VMCAS application before e-submitting the form to VMCAS;